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VIWIK was founded in 2019 by experienced automotive experts. We are dedicated to providing great customer service along with quality car liner products. We adopt the latest laser scanning technology to ensure the reliability of our products. In order to make contribution to sustainable development and to protect our living environment, all of our products are made of environmental-friendly, non-toxic and harmless material.

To meet customers’ changing requirement, the talented production team of VIWIK has adopt the latest technology to develop the most suitable and reliable floor liner.

VIWIK floor liner perfectly matches the vehicle’s footwell.

VIWIK covering every inch of the interior surface to offer full protection from mud, water, sand, dust and debris.


Our Factory

We have our fully-owned factory located in Dongguan, China. As a global brand of automotive accessories, the entire production process of our products is subject to strict control and quality management to meet strict criteria of quality.

Our Product


1.1. VIWIK adopts the latest laser scanning technology to ensure that its floor mats accurately match the layout of the original car. The product is easy to store and install.

2.The TPE material has an excellent operating temperature range and is weather resistance. The floor liner can withstand temperatures of -50°C to 75°C. It can be used with confidence even in extreme hot or cold.

3. Due to long-distance transportation or packing compression, the floor liner may be slightly wrinkled. You can bend the product in the opposite direction several times to restore flatness.

4. The TPE material of the VIWIK floor liner is environmental-friendly, non-toxic, harmless, and easy to clean. When the floor liner needs cleaning, it only needs to be rinsed with a pressure washer and then left to dry.

5. We offer a warranty period up to 1 years from date of purchase.

Our Market

We have customers from all over the world. Our business is tailored for both domestic market and oversea market.

Main sales market: North America, Europe, Japan, China

Our Service

Our customer-focused professionals strive to offer unrivalled service. The elite team of Viwik speaks fluent English and hence can provide accurate technical support along with considerate customer service.

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2010年    某某云南再签三大投资项目  昆明某某城正式启动

2012年    9月26日,某某汽车配件发展发布公告,将以8.78亿港元收购某某管理(香港)有限公司(“某某”)的全部已发行股本。

2015年    某某集团与甘肃省签订战略合作协议

2017年    某某云南再签三大投资项目  


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